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Website training and support isn't one-size fits all. I have programs for people of varying levels, interests and industries. To get help specific to your interests, please complete a brief contact form.


Welcome to KimTeachesTech.com. My name is Kimberly Shivler (my friends call me Kim)¬†and it is my passion to provide training on how to build , enhance, and work with websites. At the current time, I mainly focus on teaching WordPress because it is one of the most powerful Content Management Platforms available that doesn’t require too much technical knowledge to be used successfully.

In July of 2014, I am relaunching this website. It first launched in April of 2013 and was very neglected its first year. During 2013 and the early part of 2014, my business was focused on live training and building and maintaining websites for others. In June of this year, I was able to transition away from other people’s websites to focus on my own sites and the training courses and other content I want to provide.

Please join me as I launch new and exciting training programs and build this site to be a powerful resource.

Thank you,

Kim Shivler

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Website Training for Beginners

KimTeachesTech is proud to support entrepreneurs who are building and maintaining their own websites with training and support designed for the non-technical person. Join the mailing list for alerts on classes.

Web Builders Academy

So you want to start a business building websites for others. Whether you choose to do this fulltime or part time, running a website services business can be very profitable. Launching in 2014, I will teach you everything I have learned in over 20 years of owning and running businesses including three web development businesses.

Hire a Web Builder

You don't want to learn to build a website yourself, but aren't sure how to hire a web developer and make sure that you get the site you desire. We have a program to show you How to Hire a Web Developer. What you need to know. What you need to make sure is included on the site. These few tips can mean the difference between a site that works or doesn't and possibly losing thousands of dollars.