Welcome to Kim Teaches Tech. I’m Kim Shivler and I’ve been teaching technology and writing about technology for over 20 years. I love teaching people how to build websites. I particularly love teaching people how to build online courses because it allows me to merge my experience as a technical trainer, my knowledge of website development, and my Master’s Degree in Education. On this site, I also include my general musings on technology with my love of cats.

General Tech Thoughts

Most of my sites are specific to a particular topic like How to Build Online Courses or WordPress Websites. This site and blog include my general technology musings along with humorous notes about cats and computers.

WordPress Basics

Do you still need help with the basics before adding Online Training courses? White Glove Web Training is designed to provide basic WordPress information along with tips for security to help keep your site working at its finest.

How to Build Online Courses

Is building online courses the key to your business success? Right now, it might be the best idea to implement and build your business. Join me at HowtoBuildanOnlineCourse.com for more information.

Looking for Podcasts?

Coming Soon – a podcast covering How to Build Online Courses, plus PodcastaDay.com, a website and podcast dedicated to helping others find great audio content.